Thursday, March 26, 2009

Persecution in Germany

Explain how persecution took place in Germany. Who other than the Jews were persecuted? Describe the sterilization program. Select 3 significant actions taken by Hilter from 1933 to 1939 that impacted the lives of Jewish people and other groups in Germany.

Maps of World War II

Identify significant events that occurred throughout World War II. Describe how the maps you found changed through that time period. Include any links that may reveal locations of important battles, who was victorious and how that may have been significant.

A Typical Day in a Concentration Camp

Based on your findings, describe a day in the life of a person in a concentration camp. Include details that reveal housing conditions, labor, punishments and other information you have uncovered.

Nazi Propaganda

Define propaganda and describe how it was used as a tool by the Nazi's. If possible, provide links to examples you have found of propagnda that was used by the Nazi's. Briefly desribe the Nazi philosophy and how propaganda developed based on this philosophy.

Hitler's Rise to Power

Describe what you were able to find about Hitler. Include detailed information about his personality and how he entered politics. Define major actions that he took to become chancellor and president. How did he gain such popularity?